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Specialist newborn baby photographer South Wales

Saturday 19 January 2019

Specialist newborn baby photographer South Wales. 

Hello and welcome I am a specialist newborn baby photorgapher based in Caerphilly South Wales.  I am one of few in South Wales who currently hold the newborn safety certificate in newborn photography with the Masters Photography Association.  To obtain this certificate I had to prove that I work safely with newborn babies throughout a session here at the studio.  Unfortunately there are many photorgaphers who are taking unnecessary risks with newborn babies, sometimes balancing them in certain positions.  Babies have a startle reflex and could easily toppple over at any time.  Some newborn poses therefor should always be what we call a composite image, which is a few images taken of the baby whlist being supported by a hand at all times.  These images are edited to remove parents hands.  

I have a relaxing and comfortable studio where parents can mostly just sit back and relax thoughout a session in fact I am usually told that its the most relaxed my customers have been since the birth or their baby and would I like to babysit for them.  

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture your baby whilst so tiny, this time goes by so quickly and never again will they be so tiny.  For this reason I take alot of bookings for newborn photography during pregnancy.  You book an appointment based on your due date,  I will then schedule an appoi

South Wales baby photographer

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