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Newborn safety Certificate with Master Photography Association for Caerphilly baby photographer

Tuesday 12 September 2017

This month I great pleasure in announcing that I have received received my newborn safety certificate with the Master photographers association for my Caerphilly photography studio.  As newborn photography is at present an unregulated industry whereby anyone can call themselves a newborn baby photographer.  I worked very hard to obtain this recongnition.  This is a new certificate that the Master photography association have organised. I am one of very few photographers accross the Uk that currently have this.  To get this safety certification I have to show how I work with newborns in great detail.  Before and after images that had been edited in post production to remove parents hands etc.  So when looking for a photographer to photograph your newborn baby you should also be asking how they work with the baby and if they have had any training in the specialist area. Customers are welcome to visit the studio in Caerphilly before hand to see the studio and to meet me before the session. 


Caerphilly baby photographer

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