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Q. How long does a photography session last?

Most photography sessions last around an hour, maternity 1-1.5 hours and newborn sessions lasting usually around 3-4 hours.  Although sessions are never rushed. 


Q. Where will the sessions take place?

Sessions take place at the studio based in Machen, Caerphilly.  

Q.  Will you edit out blemishes?

Yes I spend many many hours in post production enhancing and smoothing skin.  Due to the quality of the cameras used and the fact that I shoot for sharpness any blemishies are very visable so these are all softly airbrushed in post production.  Although any birth marks or other unique features will not be removed unless requested.  Babies tend to have spots, redness and flaky skin so newborn sessions take considerably longer to edit.

Q.  Will I get all the images on disc or usb?

The anwer to this is no.  The session fee covers my time and talent, use of props, time enhancing images in post production for a private viewing, a private viewing session, in the case of a newborn session washing blankets etc.  There are in the industry as what we call shoot and burn photographers, these photographers are willing to give you everything on usb within the session price, however time will not be spent in post production afterwards.  If this is what you are looking for, for your memories then I am unfortuately not the photographer for you.  There is no better way to display your beautiful images with a piece of stunning artwork that I offer.  I only offer high end products that I have sourced from only the best suppliers accross the country.  The problem with digital is that these get put away in a drawer and never get used.  These files could become corrupt after many years and then you could be left with no memories.  Gorgeous images need to be printed.  Although I do offer digital packages that contain both artwork and digital. 

Q.  What should I wear?

Upon booking your photography session I will discuss this with you and send out some more information on how to prepare, what to wear for your session etc.