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Tips for newborn photography

Friday 13 February 2015

Here are a few tips and what to expect at a newborn photo shoot.  



1.  Your newborn photographs should be taken when your baby is between 1-10 days old.  This is when they are at their most sleepiest.  So try and give us a call when you know your due date.  We normally try and give you an appointment one week after your due date. However we understand that we may have to rescedule. 

2.  A newborn photoshoot can take up to 3 hours.  PLease dont worry if we have to stop for a feed or nappy change its normal and were are used to it.

3.  Bring a spare change of clothes for baby and yourself. (especially if we are taking nude baby shots its normal to have wee and sometimes poo everywhere, were used this too.)

4.  PLease bring along any props or hats etc you may want to include we do have some things here at the studio but its more personel as well if you have your own things.

5.  If your bringing other children along please bring something (ipad etc) to entertain them.

6. PLease try and feed the baby just before you come for your photo shoot or as you get here before we start.



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