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Baby photographers in Pontypool

28/06/2017 12:00:00

Baby photographers in Pontypool.

I get many many mothers who when they come to the photography studio to have their newborn baby photorgaphed choose not to be in any images themselves.  For various reasons and understandably parents are quite often not feeling the best, they havn't had much sleep or perhaps had a rough time during the birth, or even they just do not like having pictures of themselves taken full stop.  As newborn photography does take place when the newborn baby is aged between 5-14 days old this is completely understandable.

However try and think about it from your newborn babies point of view.  When they grow up and are able to look at the images they may ask why are Mummy and Daddy not in any of the photographs? You should try and look at it though your childs eyes.  They are not bothered how you think you look, all they see is their hero.  So when coming for your newborn photography come prepared, do you hair and make up, bring some suitable clothing and get in some of the images with your newborn baby.  Let us create some wonderful memories for you and your family.